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Fluorocarbon and fluorocarbon lines

Fluorocarbon, as a material in water, is "invisible," making it an excellent choice for both mainline and leader material. Fluorocarbon lines function similarly to monofilament lines but withstand abrasion better, and they also have good tensile strength. A monofilament line coated with fluorocarbon combines the best qualities of both materials and is well-suited for casting in fishing. Fluorocarbon is excellent for use as a leader in jig fishing and is also suitable for catching pike and zander. Creating a fluorocarbon leader from basic materials is easy and cost-effective. Thick monofilament lines are also suitable for making monofilament leaders. Find fluorocarbon, fluorocarbon lines, fluorocarbon leader materials, and monofilament leader materials from us!

Read our tips on making a fluorocarbon leader here.

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