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Polarized sunglasses and fishing glasses

Our online store offers sunglasses for fishing, outdoor, activities, and everyday use. High-quality sunglasses ensure enjoyable fishing trips, as they protect your eyes against the sunlight and particularly the reflection from the water.

It also especially important to protect your eyes in the spring when the shining sun is reflected by snowbanks. The shine is emphasized during ice fishing, and ice fishers are prone to rapid snow blindness and migraines.

Our range includes both stylish glasses designed for casual use and glasses with curved lenses. We particularly recommend the models with curved lenses for boating and use on the water, as the curved design provide better protection against reflected light and wind. Fishing glasses also provide protection against hooks particularly for beginners.

Polarized lenses eliminate glare from the surface of the water, for example. This improves comfort, as reflections are reduced. The lens color is also significant: 

• Gray lenses retain natural colors. This is a good general color for lenses, as it allows you to see the colors of your lures correctly, for example.

• Brown lenses improve contrast but slightly alter colors. Effective against glare.

• Yellow lenses provide a clearer field of vision. Yellow lenses are a good option for fishing in foggy or humid conditions. They are also most effective in low light conditions at dusk or dawn.

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