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Daiwa (“the Great Peace”) was established in 1958 in Japan. In 1965, Daiwa introduced a completely new type of reel, thus revolutionizing the reel market for good.

Daiwa is known for their innovation and in 1979 the company decided to focus on carbon fiber. In fact, Daiwa was the first manufacturer to produce both reel housings and rotors from carbon fiber. Daiwa continued to develop the technology further and later became widely known for their carbon fiber rods as well, which are still sold today. In 2007, Daiwa introduced their new material innovation: Zaion. Zaion is known for its use in the Steez reels, for example. This material presents the peak of Daiwa's carbon fiber development. Other famous Daiwa innovations include technologies such as Magsealed, TWS, SV spools, and AGS.

Daiwa's products equipped with cutting-edge technologies can be found in the Happy Angler online store.

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