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Spinnerbaits are becoming increasingly popular among pike fishers. While spinnerbaits are an older innovation, they have really only begun to find a foothold in Finland in recent years. Spinnerbaits were introduced in the United States in the 1950s primarily for fish in the perch family. Later, they were discovered by fishers going after large pike, and are now becoming more widely used in Finland. Spinnerbaits consist of a hanger-like frame construction, a spinner, and hooks. Spinnerbaits designed for pike fishing are often equipped with two hooks, which further increases catching when the fish strikes. Due to their construction, spinnerbaits rarely get caught on weeds and instead the hooks glide past vegetation.

Spinnerbaits primarily fall into three categories: ones featuring a silicone skirt, bright flashabou Spinnerbaits, and Spinners with hairs. Some fishers recommend attaching a large jig to the tail hook, which improves the effectiveness of the spinnerbait. One of the most popular spinnerbait techniques consists of casting the lure in the water, allowing it to sink near the bottom, and slowly retrieving it. This is quite effective when searching for pike and other fish hiding at the bottom. Spinnerbaits can also be used on the surface when the lure is retrieved immediately as it hits the water. The retrieval speed should be quite fast to ensure that the lure occasionally trails on the surface of the water. A third spinnerbait technique consists of casting the lure into thick weeds and beginning the retrieve just before the lure hits vegetation, which turns it the right way round. When a spinnerbait is retrieved smoothly at a sufficient speed, it will clear even thicker vegetation without issue.

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