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Electric outboard motors

Electric outboard motors have become increasingly popular among anglers and other water enthusiasts in recent years at a rapid pace. The popularity of electric outboard motors is due to their environmental friendliness and the motor's extremely quiet sound compared to traditional gasoline-powered outboard motors. From the Happy Angler online store, you'll find the most popular electric outboard motors on the market.

Electric outboard motors are suitable for leisure boating and trolling

ue to their very quiet sound, electric outboard motors are well-suited not only for leisurely boating but also for trolling, as the motor's noise doesn't scare fish away from the boat. Electric outboard motors are a popular choice among researchers exploring small bodies of water because they are handy even in narrow waterways.

From our selection, you'll find electric outboard motors of various sizes, with the smallest ones suitable for inflatable boats or small rowboats, and the largest ones suitable for large bodies of water similar to gasoline-powered outboard motors.

Electric outboard motors are an environmentally friendly choice

Electric outboard motors are an environmentally friendly choice. You can charge them fully before heading out on the water from any location with an electricity grid. Due to their quiet sound and environmental friendliness, electric-powered outboard motors are usually allowed on lakes where the use of gasoline-powered outboard motors is prohibited.

Explore the electric outboard motors available in our selection below!

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