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Downriggers, downrigger weights, and accessories

Happy Angler online store offers downriggers, downrigger weights, and downrigger accessories such as releases and downrigger wires. Downrigger is an indispensable piece of equipment on a trolling boat, which is used to direct the lure to swim at the exact right depth. The downrigger ball is secured to a quick-release on the downrigger wire and the downrigger release to the ball or slightly above the ball on the wire. The desired length of line, typically 1–10 meters, is released from the reel, the line attached to the trigger, and the rod placed on the rod holder with the spool released but the ratchet activated. The downrigger ball is lowered down to the desired depth and enough line is retrieve to remove the slack such that the downrigger rod bends under the tension. The line is released by the trigger when a fish bites, or the fisher can tug the rod to trigger the line. A swivel base can be attached as an additional extra to a downrigger to allow you to adjust its angle horizontally.

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