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In 1971, Tom Mann and a handful of investors began to develop the Humminbird sonars in a garage in Alabama, United States.

In 1984, Humminbird introduced its first sonar equipped with an LCD screen, the LCR. The device was quite simple, and many customers who purchased the product requested that the next model was equipped with a resolution capacity that would allow the user to separate the fish from bottom contours, rocks, and other underwater formations.

Humminbird listened to the customers and began cooperating with Hitachi. The project resulted in the creation of LCR 4ID, a sonar with a screen that could display two colors! The device used red to separate fish from other shapes, and thus Humminbird advertised its products with the phrase “If it's a fish, it’s red”.

In 1987, the Humminbird LCR 4ID sonar became to best-selling product on the market in both the angling and boating equipment categories.

Humminbird has continued in the winning path ever since. Find new Humminbird devices in the Happy Angler online store.

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