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Westin is a premium brand known for innovative and high-quality fishing gear. Westin is among the world's top names in Scandinavian predator fishing, targeting species such as pike, zander, perch, and sea trout. All Westin products are carefully designed in collaboration with their own product development team and benefit from Westin's extensive Pro Team, which includes many top anglers such as Hannu Vesaranta, Daniel Nilsson, Jörgen Larsson, and Luc Coppens.

Westin is a well-known Scandinavian fishing brand founded in 1952 by Ingvar Westin. Ingvar created, among other things, the legendary Westin Jätte lure, which was far ahead of its time in terms of swimming action and has caught countless big pikes over the decades.

Westin is particularly known for its lures and rods designed for predator fishing. Nowadays, the range covers almost all the gear you need in various price ranges. Westin's products are cleverly named as W2, W3, W4, W10, immediately informing the consumer of the product's level. W10 represents the best possible quality.

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