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Angling accessories and herring rigs

Angling and using herring rigs are both effective methods for catching fish. Baltic herring gathers near the shore in groups and in popular fishing locations you can fill your bucket in mere moments.

You should choose your hook and line based on the fishing spot and the current weather. If it is windy at the spot, it is advisable to choose a set with a heavier float and sinker; this allows you to throw your bait more accurately even into the wind. Good hook, line, and sinker sets are designed such that the fish feels as little resistance as possible when it grabs the bait. 

Adjusting the equipment

The most common mistake by beginners when using a hook and line is attaching the line to the pole without first measuring it. The correct length of the line is quite easy to find out: Sit down on the ground, grab your fishing pole, and flick the pole toward yourself. The line length is correct when the flicking motion allows you to grab the sinker and hook directly with your free hand. This length is typically 20–50 cm shorter than the total length of the pole. In off-the-shelf hook, line, and sinker sets the line is typically 7–10 meters long.

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