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A handy autopilot will control your boat, thus allowing you to focus on trolling, raising the sails, and adjusting the downriggers. Happy Angler online store offers autopilots, chart plotters, cables, and everything else you need for modern and easy boating.

An autopilot installed to your boat provides an excellent copilot for trolling and keeps your boat on course during longer trips. An autopilot comes in handy for trolling, as it frees up your hands for fishing and handling the rods, instead of constantly steering the boat. This makes trolling significantly easier in windy and challenging conditions. The autopilot is connected to the steering system of the boat, typically hydraulic steering, and is controlled from a separate control panel or the screen of your combination device, depending on the model. Once you have purchased an autopilot for your boat, there is no going back, as you will soon find out that the autopilot is an irreplaceable aid for trolling. It increases your fishing comfort and often also improves your catches, as you have more time to spend on actual fishing. Do remember that an autopilot does not replace the driver entirely, and you should still remain attentive while on the water.

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