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Braided lines

Braided lines are the perfect choice for casting. Braided lines fall into two basic categories: woven and fused. Fused lines are comprised of parallel fibers that are bonded with each other using a binding agent. Woven lines are also available with added chemical bonding, and these are sometimes referred to as braided fused lines.

Braided lines only stretch approximately 0.5–3%, which is relatively little compared to monofilament lines, for example. A nearly stretch-free braided line provides excellent feel and allows for effective catching, which has made these lines highly popular among jig fisher in particular. On the other hand, a sudden jolt may break a braided line easier than a monofilament line, which means that monofilament lines are a great choice for trolling. 

Braided lines, such as any other piece of fishing equipment, should be chosen on the basis of your target fish. For perch fishing, the most common line thicknesses are 0.10–0.14 mm, and for pike fishing 0.20–0.35 mm. Zander fishing falls between the two. It is advisable to use a leader or a less visible fluorocarbon leader with a braided line.

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