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Tradition and innovation are often seen as conflicting with each other. However, at Victorinox, innovation has always been a part of the company's tradition. Since the first Swiss Army Knife was manufactured, innovation and Swiss identity have been a crucial aspect of Victorinox.

In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his knife workshop in Ibach-Schwyz. At that time, Switzerland was one of the poorest countries in Europe. In the early years, Karl Elsener fought against poverty in his region by creating jobs and encouraging people to stay in the country. The manufacturing country of Victorinox knives is and will always be Switzerland.

Victorinox is still a family-owned company, although it is the largest knife manufacturer in the European region. A large portion of the company's shares is owned by the Elsener family, while the rest belongs to Victorinox's non-profit organization, and profits are distributed to charity.

In line with Victorinox's environmental values, warranties are always primarily handled by repairing and maintaining the product rather than replacing it with a new one. Victorinox offers a lifetime guarantee for material and manufacturing defects. 

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