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Lauri Rapala (1905-1974) became the father for the world's most beknowned plug lure, Rapala Original, and founded the world's largest lure factory, Rapala VMC Oyj.

Lauri hand carved his first lures in 1936. He got the idea of a plug out of cork from an American lure. Lauri fished his plug in the stern when he rowed to put out nets. The first plugs were sold in 1938.

The sad news about Marilyn Monroe passing away in 1962 had an enormous effect on the popularity of Rapala-lures. This due to the most sold issue of Life Magazine having a first page article of the actresses death, but also a praising article that presented the Rapala-lure. Three million lures were ordered within a few weeks, during a time when the yearly production was around 200 000.

Finland's president Urho Kekkonen assigned Lauri Rapala with an economic council title in 1968 as a sign of recognition for both international and local economy. The legendary outdoorsman Lauri Rapala passed away due to artery coronary disease at the age of 69, in October of 1974.

The Rapala brand carries on the success story to this day.

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