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Leader – protection against the teeth of predators

While fishing, have you ever thought about the possibility of hooking your record fish and then losing it because the line snapped in its teeth? You should keep this image in your mind, as you are purchasing or making leaders for an upcoming fishing trip.

Thin braided lines and the sharp teeth of pike and zander are a combination that, at its worst, can result in a cut line and an escaped fish. You can protect yourself against these bitter incidents by tying a leader on the end of your line. A leader will also protect the line against abrasions caused by rocks.

You should also check your leader regularly and replace it with a new one if you notice any scrapes or cuts. Traditional steel wire leaders are a quick and easy way to protect your line against the teeth of predators. A steel leader will also sink faster than a fluorocarbon one. This is something to keep in mind if you want to use a leader to enhance the swimming action of your lure. A fluorocarbon leader will slow down the speed at which your jig or lure sinks due to its higher buoyancy.

Today, fluorocarbon is a popular leader material. A fluorocarbon leader allows you to tie the lure, such as a jig, directly onto the line, which means that the leader will not impact the swimming action of the lure or upset the fish to any significant degree. Click here for fluorocarbon materials. The extensive range of the Happy Angler online store includes off-the-shelf leaders for any situation. Find fluorocarbonsteel wire, or monofilament leaders quickly and easily. See our leader selection.

“I myself have never used anything other than the 45-cm GTR off-the-shelf leaders. That has served me well with pike ranging from one to more than ten kilos without issue. I will continue to use these leaders. – Aleksi Kivelä

In the below video, Jyri Kuusisalo from Kalastajan Kanava shows you how easy and simple attaching a fluorocarbon leader to your line is. You can apply these instructions to leaders made from steel wire and other materials as well with a bit of adjustment.

Brief instructions from Kalastajan Kanava:

1. Take a piece of fluorocarbon that is equal to the desired length of your leader plus enough material for the knot.
2. Tie the lines together with a double Uni knot. For the thinner line, you will need at least 5–10 wraps through the loop, while a few wraps will suffice for the fluorocarbon. Due to thicker material, it is advisable to use pliers to tighten the knot. You can also secure the knots with a drop of instant glue.
3. Tie your preferred swivel to the end of the leader using a Clinch knot, for example.

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