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Coolers and accessories

A cooler provides a convenient method for keeping your fish cool during a fishing trip or for storing your food at the cottage or on a camping trip. From our selection, you'll find coolers of various sizes that are easy to take on fishing trips and other outings.

The cooler is an essential accessory for anglers

The most important thing for the preservation of fish is the appropriate low temperature and uninterrupted cold chain. Fish stored at the right temperature can last 2-3 times longer than fish stored in either too cold or too warm conditions. A cooler is an easy way to maintain the right temperature for fish in both freezing cold and summer heat. At the same time, you ensure that the cold chain remains unbroken during transportation.

Choose the cooler according to your needs

From our range, you'll find a wide variety of sizes and types of coolers. You can choose from traditional coolers with hard or soft surfaces, as well as electric coolers.

A hard cooler box keeps fish and snacks neatly organized. A soft cooler, on the other hand, is convenient to carry around and stores in a small space. If you need a cooler box for cooling warm food items or for longer storage periods, we recommend choosing an electric cooler.

In a regular cooler, it's a good idea to use ice or ice packs to ensure coolness, especially in warm weather. An electric cooler, on the other hand, is easy to adjust to the right temperature directly. It also maintains the temperature optimally for longer periods compared to a traditional cooler.

From our comprehensive selection, you'll also find the hugely popular Artekno coolers and Igloo coolers.

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