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Sea fishing lures

Arctic Ocean fishing requires heavy-duty gear, which you can find easily in the Happy Angler online store. Whether you are going after saithe, cod, wolf fish, or even halibut, we offer effective lures for each fish.

When fishing in the Artic Ocean, you can forget about your regular spinning rods, as in addition to large cod, your lure might also attract halibut weighing up to 100 kilograms. This requires a sturdy sea fishing rod. The line should also be strong enough for heavy lures. We recommend choosing a line with a high tensile strength from our line selection. It is also advisable to pack a flotation suit or dry suit on your fishing trip. Whether you are fishing from a slippery rock or on a boat rocked by a surge of waves, a flotation suit is an effective lifeline.

You can find cod jigs, squid rigs, and other large jigs here. The weight of cod jigs varies from 500 grams up to one kilogram. In the Arctic ocean, you should also try a jig equipped with a squid rig. If you want to catch the big fish, you have to go deeper. This is also true in Norway.

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