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Spinning reel rods

Happy Angler offers an extensive range of spinning reel rods. The most important criteria for selecting a rod are your preferred fishing style and target fish. Roughly speaking, the heavier your lure, the more rigidity is required from the rod. This can be seen directly in the recommended lure sizes. The lure recommendation specifies the weight of lure the rod can be used with.

Ultralight fishing comprise highly responsive and lightweight rods with a recommended lure weight of 1–6 grams. The lure recommendation for rods designed for perch jigging is approx. 3–25 grams, for zander jigging 10–35 grams, and for heavy-duty pike fishing 50–120 grams and up. A good general-use rod is suitable for use with lures weighing approx. 7–28 grams and is approx. 210 cm in length.

The rod length should be chosen on the basis of where and how you fish. When fishing from a boat, you may not need as long of a rod as you would on the shore. Rods are available with a one-piece construction, as traditional two-piece rods, and as longer rods that may also be telescopic.

Rods should be protected against scratches and dents using rod bags.

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