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Spinning reels

From the extensive spinning reel range of the Happy Angler online store you can find the perfect reel for you, whether fishing for perch, pike, salmonids, or zander.

Choose your spinning reel based on your intended use. Perch and zander fishing often requires a more responsive reel that ensures a low combined weight for your equipment. On the other hand, pike and salmon fishing requires a reel with more power and line capacity, thus increasing the reel size as well. The reel size is provided as a number. For example, the sizes of ultralight reels vary between 500 and 1000, while large salmon reels and pike reels are sized 4000 and up.

The gear ratio is also provided for spinning reels, such as 5.0:1 . The larger the ratio, the more line is wound onto the spool on each turn of the reel handle. Smaller ratios are great for hauling in heavier fish, as a smaller ratio allows for more torque and thus makes the retrieval easier. Spinning reels can be easily adjusted for either hand.

A spinning reel is a good choice for beginning fishers, but they are also highly popular among professional anglers due to their ease of use.

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