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From the Happy Angler online store's selection, you can find highly esteemed and popular BKK hooks, jig heads, and fishing accessories. Don't miss a catch due to dull hooks! With BKK's top-sharp and high-quality hooks, you maximize your chances with the fish.

BKK originated in Poyang, China, back in 1856. It was then that a 16-year-old boy from the Zhan family created BKK's first hook to help local fishermen catch more. Today, BKK has a factory employing about 600 workers and offices in Japan and Shanghai. Their passion for fishing drives BKK's product development forward continually. Thousands of anglers worldwide rely on this passion!

Since 1957, the Japanese "Good Design Award" has been granted to the most innovative designs from various fields. BKK is the first fishing brand ever to receive this award.

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