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Ice augers and electric ice augers

You should choose your ice auger based on the fish population of the water area. Ice augers with a diameter of 115 or 155 mm, which corresponds to 4 or 6 inches, are commonly used when ice fishing for perch. With burbot or pike, you should use a slightly larger ice auger with a diameter of 6–8 inches to allow you to easily pull the fish through the hole. Ice augers are available with a folding and fixed shaft design. Folding ice augers are convenient because they are easy to transport and take up less space, thus allowing you to store them in the trunk of your car without folding down the backseats. Battery operated electric ice augers are also available. With a battery operated ice auger you can easily drill a hole into even thicker ice. If the ice thickness exceeds the length of the thread, you can add an extension piece to your auger to increase the drilling length. Blade protector is another good purchase. It protects the blade of the ice auger against damage, but also prevents the sharp blade from cutting through clothing or skin during transport. 

A drill adapter allows you to attach your ice auger to a cordless drill. The combination of a cordless drill and ice auger allows you to easily drill dozens of holes during an ice fishing trip without breaking a sweat.

Read our guide for choosing an ice auger here.

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