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Ice fishing and winter fishing

Ice fishing is definitely the most popular form of winter fishing. It is no wonder, because what could be more pleasant than sitting comfortably on the spring ice with an ice fishing rod in your hand while the sun warms your face. Ice fishing is an inexpensive and easily accessible hobby. All you need is an auger, a fishing rod, some fishing line, a wire leader and a lure. You can also purchase a complete jigging set that includes the line and the lure. Jigging sets are a good way to introduce yourself to this great winter fishing method. They are also an excellent gift for anyone interested in fishing. By the way, did you know that angling and ice fishing are everyman's rights and do not require a fishing permit? There are exceptions to these rights, however: the rapids and shoots of salmon and whitefish rich waters and certain water areas where fishing has been prohibited on legal grounds are out of bounds.

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