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Ice fishing and winter fishing

Ice fishing is without a doubt the most popular winter fishing style. And that is no wonder, as what could be nicer than spending time on the ice on a sunny spring day. Ice fishing is an affordable hobby that is easy to pick up. All you need is an ice auger, ice fishing rod, line, leader, and a jig. We also recommend purchasing a portable fishfinder to make ice fishing even more fun and much more efficient. Read our guides for choosing an ice auger here and here.

Remember to ensure your safety when moving on the ice!
At the very least, you should keep a pair of ice awls handy, and a flotation suit will keep you dry and on the surface if you happen to fall through the ice. Read our tips for moving on ice here.

If you are looking for a ready-made set, you can purchase an ice fishing set that includes line and a jig. Ice fishing sets are a handy way to familiarize yourself with the number one winter fishing style. They also make a great gift for fishing enthusiasts. You can find thermal suits and overalls here

In Finland, ice fishing is covered under the right of public access and does not require a permit under the Fishing Act. This does not apply to rapids and currents in waters containing salmon or whitefish or water areas where fishing is prohibited on the basis of another provision.

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