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The first thing you are bound to notice about Marttiini products are their design, which combines traditional domestic wood, leather, and reindeer horn with modern materials. The practicality of the products is realized in the blades made from the most suitable materials for each purpose and literally honed to perfection. When generation-long traditions of handcrafting and workmanship are combined with modern technology, the result is a knife unlike any other.

When village smith Janne Marttiini established a knife factory in Rovaniemi in 1928, he had decided to create practical items whose design was based on the needs of the users, a high standard of quality, and the extreme conditions the products were designed for. In 1967, Marttiinin Puukkotehdas Oy received the President's Export Award as recognition of “exceptionally significant achievements in the field of export”.

Our Marttiini range includes knives that are perfect for fishing, hunting, and hiking in the wilderness, and they also make a great gift for anyone who appreciates a high-quality knife.

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