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North Outdoor is a Finnish brand. Each garment, detail, and purpose is designed in Finland, for the varying northern conditions and for each season. The main material used by North Outdoor is merino wool. North Outdoor shoulders its responsibility for the ethical and ecological concerns regarding merino wool and the brand. The wool used for the clothes is mulesing-free and the textiles carry the Oeko-Tex certification. The merino wool yarn used for the clothes is Woolmark certified. North Outdoor minimizes its carbon footprint by making both and big and small choices that are environmentally friendly.

Producing clothes using merino wool reduces plastic waste produced by the textile industry. The material naturally provides many of the qualities that sportswear designers have pursued for years. Merino wool is breathable, lightweight, and warm. Due to its antibacterial qualities, it does not soak up smells. Merino wool fiber is thin and stretchy compared to regular wool produced by northern sheep. Due to its unique structure, merino wool can be used to produce very thin and light knitted fabrics. Merino wool clothing is excellently suited for outdoor and sporting activities, as well as everyday use.

As the wool fibers are naturally repellent against dirt, washing is required less frequently. Instead, the most important care and maintenance operation for merino wool clothing consists of airing out.

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