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Whitefish fishing

Fishing for whitefish is easy and enjoyable. The hobby is easy to pick up and only requires regular casting equipment. 

Bottom-fishing is simple: Cast the sinker and bait to the bottom using casting equipment. As the sinker hits water, reel the line back a bit to straighten the leader before the bait is at the bottom. Then lift the rod up and wait for the whitefish to bite. You can attach a small bell to the rod to indicate bites. After the bell rings to notify of a bite, wait for a moment before reeling in your catch.

Worms are the most popular bait for whitefish. It is advisable to leave the tip of the hook visible when baiting it with a worm. You should bring a good number of bait with you, as whitefish may be quite ravenous. Our range includes rods, reels, and other accessories for whitefish.

For a whitefish set you will need a spinning rod, sinker, monofilament leader, and a single hook. You can also attach a whitefish bell to the tip of your rod as a bite indicator.

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