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Fly fishing rods

The fly fishing rod selection of Happy Angler online store is sure to include the perfect rod for you, whether your target is salmon, trout, grayling, or pike.

Fly fishing equipment is categorized according to a numerical code. The AFTM classification is used internationally. The number indicates the size class. 1 stands for ultralight equipment, whereas 12 is used to indicate the heaviest, two-handed rods. AFTM stands for American Fly-fishing Tackle Manufacturers. The initialism is rarely used today, and it is instead often replaced with the hash symbol, for example #6.

AFTM 6–7 is a good size category for beginners. The category offers solid basic features. It is well-suited for trout and rainbow trout, but also for smaller salmon. AFTM 6-7 is suitable for fishing with surface and sinking flies with both floating and sinking lines. AFTM 8–9 is best-suited for pike fishing.

Fly fishing rods are categorized into one-handed and two-handed rods. The one-handed rods are 6–7 feet long and the two-handed rods 8–11 feet long. Roughly speaking, shorter fly fishing rods are better suited for flowing waters except for salmon fishing. Longer rods work better when fishing on lakes and the sea. Once you have learned the secrets of fly fishing, it becomes a highly enjoyable and relaxing form of fishing that everyone should try.

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