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Roach Balls

Fillet the roach, remove the ribs and skin. Cut the fillets lengthwise into fine strips and grind with an immersion blender together with the other ingredients to form a smooth mixture. Shape the mixture into small balls using two spoons and roll the balls on the sesame seed and breadcrumb mixture. This is a good way to prepare a child-friendly and healthy meal from any boned fish.

400 g roach fillet in strips (4-8 fish)
100 ml breadcrumbs
1 egg
50 ml oil or butter

Half an onion chopped



100 ml sesame seeds

200 ml breadcrumbs


200 g yogurt (Turkish or equivalent)
1 teaspoon sugar
Juice and zest of ½ lemon
1 tablespoon fresh chopped mint



Fry in small batches over medium heat in plenty of oil until crispy. If you wish, you can add butter to the oil. Crispy fried roach can be eaten with bones and all. Serve with mashed potatoes and peas, fried vegetables and salad. The fresh mint sauce goes well together with oily fish.

Common Roach (Rutilus rutilus)

- Optimal foodfish size: 15–25 cm
- Thrives in the sea, lakes and rivers
- Common roach can easily be caught by angling with a small hook

- Preferred bait: worms, maggots, dough, corn



- Tasty and low-fat

- No risk of worms - common roach can be eaten raw!

- Best prepared by frying whole or ground into patties or balls

- Tinned smoked roach is delicious

- Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women (no consumption restrictions)

Underutilized, delicious and prized fish

All wild fish must be frozen at -20°C for +1 day before raw consumption.

Text and images: Sakke Yrjölä




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