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Grilled Zander

Scale the fish carefully. Do not cut open the belly. Remove the intestine by making a transverse incision on the front side of the anus. Cut and tear off the gills so that the intestines come out at the same time. The swim bladder and roe/milt can be left inside the fish. Remove the dorsal fins with their bones by making incisions along the surface of the bones in the spine. Make transverse incisions in the sides of the fish and salt the fish. Dry the skin before marinating, so the oil is better absorbed into the skin and the fish does not stick to the grill.

1–2 kg whole pike



100 ml oil

50 ml melted butter

1 clove of garlic, chopped

100 ml chopped herbs: rosemary, parsley and chives



200 ml full-fat yogurt

1 tablespoon chopped herbs: chives and parsley

Juice of ½ lemon

Pinch of salt


Preheat the grill to medium heat (110–140°C). Spread more marinade on the fish and place it on a clean and oiled grill. Allow the fish time to cook and turn it over only when the skin is a beautiful brown. Drip some oil on the surface of the grilled fish and serve. The skin is the tastiest part of a grilled pike, so don’t forget to taste it. Grilled pike goes together well with grilled vegetables: asparagus, beans, onions, parsnips and ​​potato wedges. 


Zander (Sander lucioperca)

- Optimal foodfish size 1–3 kg

- Thrives in the sea and lakes

- Zander can be caught by casting jigs or by trolling with plugs

- 55–65 mm nets are best for catching good-sized zander. Check your nets often since zander suffocate easily.



- Tasty and low-fat

Eating raw zander is not recommended - there is a risk of tapeworms.

- Suitable for all types of cooking

- Great fish for smoking and soups

- Dioxins and heavy metals accumulate in the largest individuals


The pike stocks in Finnish waters are sustainable

One of the tastiest lake fish

All wild fish must be frozen at -20°C for +1 day before raw consumption.


Text and images: Sakke Yrjölä



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