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Thermal boots and ice fishing boots

On this page you can find our range of ice fishing and thermal boots. On an ice fishing trip, the feet are often the first part of you that begins to feel the cold, which is why thermal boots are a common accessory among winter fishers. Thermal boots will keep your feet warm even when the temperature drops down to -30 degrees Celsius.

In addition to ice fishing, these boots are also great for pike fishing in the autumn, or any other outing where warm feet are a must. Thermal boots will keep your feet dry and warm throughout the trip, thus increasing your comfort and enjoyment significantly.

Our range includes high-quality ice fishing and thermal boots for various conditions. All models feature grippy soles, with or without spikes. Some are also equipped with detachable linings and designed for use at temperatures reaching down to -30 degrees Celsius. Below you will find our tips for finding the most suitable pair of thermal boots for you.

Choosing the right pair of thermal boots

Are you perhaps wondering which pair of thermal boots would best suit your needs? These simple tips will help you pick out the best option. When choosing thermal boots, you should consider three things in particular: the size, varying temperatures, and the terrain in which you intend to use your boots. Read on for more detailed information.

1. Size up

Even though thermal boots are in themselves designed to keep your feet warm and can thus be often used with regular thin socks, you should choose a size that is sufficiently roomy. A roomier boot will allow air to circulate sufficiently inside the boot, thus ensuring warmth even in freezing cold temperatures.

Many thermal boots feature an internal lining that reduces the actual size of the boot. If choose a boot that is one or two sizes larger than your regular shoe size, you will ensure that the boot is large enough for your foot. This will allow air to circulate properly inside the boot and ensure your comfort while wearing them. A slightly roomier boot will also enable you to wear thicker wool socks in extreme conditions. If your boots have a detachable lining, without which the boot feels too loose, you can adjust the size by using separate insoles.

2. Choose a model with a fixed or detachable lining based on the intended use

Ice fishing and thermal boots are available in various designs. Some feature a fixed lining, while others include a detachable one. A detachable lining is a useful option in many ways. If your boots become wet or moist inside, a detachable lining can be removed from the boot easily and dried separately. This allows you to dry out your boots more quickly and reliably.

A detachable lining also adds to the versatility of the boots. With the lining attached, the boots can be used even in extreme conditions, down to a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius. Without the lining, the boots can be used similarly to regular rubber boots throughout the year.

Do keep in mind that if you choose a size that is larger than your regular shoe size, removing the lining will loosen the fit of the boot. In this case, separate insoles or thicker socks can be used to adjust the size of the boot.

3. For slippery conditions, choose a model with spikes

Some thermal boots are equipped with spikes on the soles, which provide excellent added security when moving on slippery surfaces, such as ice. If you know that you will mostly be using the boots on frozen surfaces, we recommend choosing a model with fixed spikes. Thermal boots equipped with spikes allow for easy and unrestricted movement in slippery and frozen conditions.

Spiked thermal boots are designed specifically for use on frozen surfaces in the wintertime. If you are looking to purchase a pair of thermal boots for year-round use, you should choose a pair without spikes. As handy as spikes can be on frozen surfaces, they can be more trouble than they are worth on solid, non-slippery ground.


The above tips should help you to choose a pair of thermal or ice fishing boots that are perfect for your specific needs. Our extensive range includes men's and women's thermal boots, with or without spikes.

See our selection of ice fishing and thermal boots, choose a pair that is right for you, and order today.

Wishing you warm and cozy ice fishing trips and other outings,

Happy Angler

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