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Ice Fishing for Arctic Charr

Arctic charr is without a doubt one of the finest fishes in Finland. In addition to its magnificent appearance, the charr is also a tasty food fish that prefers clean, cool waters. Arctic charr can often be a quite tricky catch, and you won't find it in just any lake. Arctic charr favors oligotrophic, cool, and oxygen-rich bodies of water. In Finland, Arctic charr can be natively found almost exclusively in the Region of Lapland. Thus, many anglers who enjoy ice fishing for Arctic charr head toward the northernmost lakes in Finland, Northern Sweden, and Norway. The primary ice fishing season for Arctic charr lasts from February to May. 

What equipment is needed to ice fish for Arctic charr?

A high-quality ice auger is inevitably one of the most important pieces of equipment for Arctic charr ice fishing. During the ice fishing season, the ice covering lakes where Arctic charr can be found is often so thick that you will also need an auger extension to breach it. Many anglers also prefer to use powered ice augers due to the thickness of ice. 

Commonly used lures for ice Fishing for Arctic Charr include, among other options, spoons designed for charr fishing, leaches, mormyshkas, and balance jigs. As you head out on your fishing trip, it is advisable to bring several types of lures with you, and preferably in more than one colorway. Other equipment you need for ice fishing includes an ice fishing rodslush ladlebaitsice fishing pack, and preferably a gaff. For Arctic charr, you should choose a relatively stiff rod and the line on your spool should be approx. 0.30 mm thick. Various products for ice fishing for Arctic charr and other winter fishing activities can be found at Happy Angler.

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