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Humminbird Combination Devices for Fishing and Public Authority Use

Today, there are various guides for sonar use, and each angler applies the available information differently based on their own fishing style. Sonar enthusiast Tommi Hietanen from the Finnish lake district is a specialist on Humminbird sonars.

These days, Tommi might spend a whole day on the water without doing any actual fishing. Sonars and their technology and use in different conditions are a captivating subject that allows you to learn new things about the operation and configuration of sonars in different situations and conditions on each trip. Humminbird devices have almost become a job to Tommi, as he guides Humminbird users throughout Finland further into the exciting world of sonars.

“Someone who has invested thousands of euros into Humminbird devices and Minn Kota motors will receive the most out of their equipment through on-site device training. A sonar will not bring fish into your boat automatically, but your changes will increase significantly if you know how to use your equipment,” Tommi sums up.  

Tommi also trains and tutors rescue departments and fishing schools in the use of sonars and responds to requests for executive assistance on the water where possible. In terms of executive assistance, Humminbird sonars and accessories play an important role when searching through a body of water, for example.

Over time, Tommi has developed his own way of using sonars for fishing. He starts his search for a good fishing spot by looking at maps, using a plotter for a better general view. When potential spots have been identified, he switches to the fishfinder's charting application that provides the best possible picture of any ridges, bumps, and hollows where the fish might be hiding. Humminbird's fishfinders always include the AutoChart Live software that can be used to create a chart of any area with depth contours, vegetation, or bottom hardness. And all this is done in real time as you move around your fishing spots. The  AutoChart Live™ maps are stored in the device’s memory, and they can be used on top of existing chart data, for example. The maps can also be shared with friends by sending the produced data via email. With two boats, you are able to scan any fishing spot effectively.


“With the extremely precise Humminbird MEGA SI+ side-scanning sonar, I can scan a vast area in one go. This sometimes reveals surprisingly large fish on the screen.”

When trying to find a suitable spot, you should start with side-scan. With Humminbird Solix, for example, side-scan can reach up to 75 meters on both sides for a total range of 150 meters. On a smaller lake, this will easily provide a clear image of the entire bottom, including the actual locations of the fish in photo-quality detail on the screen.

As you approach your intended fishing spot, the benefits of 2D and DI scanning modes become more apparent. Down-scanning will show individual fish and their swimming depths.

“The underwater radar of Humminbird Mega 360 allows you to locate fish while your boat remains stationary.”

The latest technologies offer many more options for finding fish. Humminbird Mega 360 Imaging is a radar-like scanning mode that shows a full circle around your boat, allowing you to choose the perfect casting sector based on where the fish are. This advanced side-scanning mode can also be used when the boat is stationary.


“Humminbird Mega LIVE combined with the most accurate side-scan on the market is an unbeatable combination”

Fishing with live-scanning sonars is becoming increasingly popular at the moment. It utilizes a live-scanning transducer that provides a real-time view of the fish and your lure. Humminbird’s MEGA Live transducer connects easily with most Humminbird fishfinders, providing you more accurate images of the world below the surface than ever before.

Photographs: Tommi Hietanen, Deeptech Divers

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