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Happy Angler's Tips for Checking Your Trailer

Transporting your boat from one place to another requires a trailer that can be used to move the boat to new waters. We asked the Sales Manager of Juncar Oy for tips and a checklist of things you should pay attention to regularly on your trailer.

  • Rinse the trailer with fresh water if it has been used in the sea

Tire Pressure and the Condition of Tires and Trailer Structures

Maintaining the correct tire pressure will improve the handling and traction of the trailer for better safety and reduced wear.

  • Check the bearing clearance
  • Lubricate the trailer coupler
  • Check the brakes, lubricate the cables
  • Lubricate/check the jack wheel
  • Check the functionality of the coupling ball switch
  • Check the electrics, lights, oxidization
  • Check the functionality of the winch and line/rope/cable.
  • You should also check the securing straps regularly for wear and fraying.
  • Handbrake off for storage. You should release the handbrake when the trailer is put into storage for a longer period to avoid seizing.
  • Make sure that you have wedged the wheels with chocks before releasing the handbrake.
  • Inspection schedule for trailers with brakes. Trailers that exceed 750 kg in weight require inspection every other year.
  • Brake-equipped trailers must come with chocks as specified by law.
  • NOTE! A trailer with brakes must be equipped with the same tires as the pulling vehicle, i.e., if the car has winter tires, the trailer must also be equipped with winter tires.

“You can extend the useful life of your trailer and ensure carefree kilometers with small maintenance measures. Maintenance only takes a little time, and it is best done in a planned fashion. Fixing your trailer on the side of the road is going to be much harder. A trailer that is kept in good condition also maintains its value more effectively.” 

– KoHeltajat, Friends Of Happy Angler

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