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Ice fishing sonars or portable sonars are a handy tool for any ice fisher. The experts of Happy Angler online store have listed four reasons why you should bring an ice fishing sonar with you on your next ice fishing trip. Read the tips below and explore our ice fishing sonar range here.


Four Reasons for Bringing an Ice Fishing Sonar on Your Next Fishing Trip

  1. Find a spot with plenty of fish even before you drill the first hole, thus avoiding unnecessary work

With an ice fishing sonar, you don't have to guess where the fish might be as you start drilling into the ice. With clear ice that is covered by water, an ice fishing sonar will make fishing significantly easier. Using an ice fishing sonar, you can choose a suitable place to fish even before you start drilling. This allows you to avoid useless holes and unnecessary work.

  1. Determine the depth to choose the right jig

The images produced by an ice fishing sonar allow you to determine the water depth and the bottom type in the area. This information lets you choose the best jig for the depth.

  1. Monitor the reactions of the fish in real time

With an ice fishing sonar, you can see the fish reacting to your lure in real time. If the sonar image shows that the fish swim right past your jig, you can respond to the situation by switching to another lure that is more attractive to your target fish.

  1. Minimize wrong moves

As you monitor your ice fishing sonar, you can see how the fish behave toward your lure. When you have found a lure that attracts the fish, you can keep an eye on the screen to watch as the fish approach your jig. With a sonar you can easily see how even the smallest mistake can affect the willingness of the fish to bite. By watching the fish and learning from your mistakes, you can minimize wrong moves the next time.


How to choose the perfect ice fishing sonar for you?

When you are trying to find an ice fishing sonar that is suitable for your needs, you should first make sure that the device you are looking at is portable. Portable sonars are battery-powered, which means that they do not need an external power source during use. A portable sonar can be used perfectly well throughout the year for both summertime fishing and ice fishing trips in the winter.

Consider the screen size when choosing an ice fishing sonar

The second thing to keep in mind when choosing your ice fishing sonar is the screen size. The size of the screen will obviously affect the size and clarity of the image, but it also determines the weight of the device; the larger the screen, the bigger and heavier the sonar tends to be. When making your choice, consider whether you would prefer a smaller ice fishing sonar that fits in your pocket and can be paired with your phone, for example, to utilize its screen. This will make the actual sonar smaller and easier to carry.

Our range also includes sonars that can be integrated into an ice fishing container. This will allow you to bring your sonar easily with you on your ice fishing trips.

Charts or GPS waypoints?

Ice fishing sonars are available with both chart and GPS waypoint features. Waypoint marking allows you to save your favorite fishing spots to return later. In turn, chart functionalities can be used to find the best spots and chart unknown waters. And if the charting feature includes a live functionality, you can create charts in almost real-time.


Going on your first fishing trip with an ice fishing sonar? Do this

Before you take your new ice fishing sonar with you for the first time, check that the settings are configured for ice fishing. Pay attention, among other things, to sensitivity, as the right settings will allow you to determine fish size more easily. 

Minimize the Amount of Gear for a Fishing Trip

You should try to avoid carrying unnecessary gear on your ice fishing trips. For example, the battery of your ice fishing sonar should be good for more than one trip, which means that you don't have to bring a spare battery every time. Where possible, attach your ice fishing sonar to an ice fishing container, or choose a model that fits in your pocket. This allows you to carry your sonar easily.

And if carrying all the gear you need becomes too difficult, you can use a sled to ease the load. A sled will allow you to easily transport ice augers, rods, ice fishing chairs, and even heavier sonars. Explore our range of sleds here.

Wishing you successful ice fishing trips,

Happy Angler online store's experts


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