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Five winter wear tips from Happy Angler experts

As the autumn creeps in and the air turns cold, it is a good time to take a look at what to wear in the winter. If you have ever spent time in the nature in the winter, you are likely to be familiar with the way cold hits despite your clothes. Freezing fingers, wet feet, or general numbness from the cold can ruin any outdoor activity in the winter. Therefore, appropriate winter wear is key to ensuring a successful excursion whether the weather is sunny, or the air filled with sleet and hail.

Appropriate winter clothing is key to ensuring successful outings in the winter.

To allow you to choose the perfect winter wear, this article provides the five best tips from experienced Happy Angler fishing and outdoor recreation experts for what to wear in the winter. By following our tips, you can ensure that the success of your fishing trip or outdoor activity will not be prevented by your clothing.


Two things to remember with winter clothes

Before we reveal our experts’ winter wear tips, we want you to keep two important things in mind when thinking about your winter wear options.

1) Comfort is key

The most important task of winter clothes is to keep you at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather. In an ideal situation, the clothes fit you so well that you don’t even notice them. When choosing winter clothes, pay attention to the cut and sizing to ensure proper fit for you. This allows you remain comfortable when layering as well.

2) You can always remove clothes

It is easier to remove clothes than putting on what you don't have. Thus, when enjoying the outdoors in the winter, it is better to wear “too many” clothes, than risk wearing too little.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s proceed to the winter wear tips.


5 tips for appropriate winter clothing from head to toes

1) Headwear chosen based on the weather prevents heat from dissipating through the top of your head

As the top of your head provides easy access for the cold to spread through your body, it is logical to start choosing winter clothes with headwear. When choosing a suitable hat, you should pay attention to both the conditions and your intended activity, but also your personal preferences and needs; where one person might do fine in the freezing cold with a thin beanie and another in a cap, a third might require a warm furry hat to protect their head.

When standing or sitting still, a furry hat will keep you nice and warm, but it might become uncomfortably hot while skiing. Thus, the intended purpose largely dictates which hat is the best for your outdoor activity.

See our extensive headwear selection here and choose your favorite ››


2) Keep your body warm with a warm base layer set and suitable winter jacket

Once you have settled on a hat, we move down to the next part of your body that needs protection against the cold – your torso. This is not simply a case of finding a thick and warm winter jacket, as a massive puffy jacket might turn out to be uncomfortably warm in varying conditions. The secret of well-functioning winter wear is layering. Therefore, it is best to start with a thermal base layer when dressing your torso.

Start with a thermal base layer

A thermal base layer set is possibly to single most important winter wear item, and it is definitely worth the investment. Our experts particularly recommend merino wool base layers, as a high-quality thermal base layer set made from merino wool wicks away moisture from the skin and keeps you warm. When your body is kept warm, you are more likely to enjoy the outdoor activity.

Our selection includes a wide range of various thermal base layer sets. You can choose from one-piece base layer suits or separate sets. Consider the purpose you intend to use the base layer set for and make your decision with practicality and comfort in mind.

See a selection of our best thermal base layer sets here ››


Choose your winter jacket based on the conditions and your intended activity

Now that we have chosen our thermal base layer, we can start adding weather-appropriate layers. A winter jacket chosen on the basis of the weather and your activity ensures that you maintain a comfortable temperature during your outing.

While on the move, a lighter jacket will often suffice, as moving your body generates heat. During a break however, you are more likely to stand or sit still, which means that a thicker lining will come in handy. Another option is to add layers when taking a break. For example, you can easily slip on a hoodie, between your jacket and base layer when taking a break to prevent the cold from moving in when still.

When choosing your jacket, remember to leave room for multiple layers underneath. It may not be a bad idea to size up to enable proper layering.

Also take into account the thickness of your additional layers to ensure that they fit nicely under the jacket.

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3) Versatile winter trousers keep you warm and dry

Next, we move on to the lower body. A proper pair of winter trousers or fishing trousers are a life-saver in freezing winter conditions. Winter trousers pair up perfectly with a merino wool base layer (find tips for choosing a base layer set in the previous section). Waterproof and windproof winter trousers are an excellent option for both fishing trips in the autumn and ice fishing in the winter.

Whereas a merino wool base layer will wick away moisture from your skin, a nice pair of winter trouser will protect you against moisture from the outside. Together, they comprise an unbeatable combination that keeps you warm and dry even in the wettest conditions.

Our selection includes both lightweight trousers that are perfect for autumn conditions and warm winter trousers that keep you comfortable in the freezing cold. When choosing your trousers, make sure that their features match your needs: is it enough that the trousers protect you against the wind, or do you need fully waterproof trousers that keep you dry in wet weather.


See our winter trouser selection here ››


Additional tip from our expert:

If you know that you are always going to use your winter jacket and trousers at the same time, you could also consider thermal overalls. Thermal overalls provide an excellent option for cold weather situations where your movement is limited, such as during an ice fishing trip. Here you can find three key things to consider when choosing thermal overalls.


Find your thermal overalls here ››


4) Choose your gloves based on use

When choosing winter clothes, you should also remember to pick gloves that are suitable for your activity. In addition to the conditions, you should also consider the extent to which you need to use your hands: a pair of thick, warm mittens may not be the best option where dexterous fingers are needed to bait your hooks or use your smartphone.

Similarly to other apparel, you can also utilize layering with gloves. When the cold wind blows but you also need to use your fingers, it might be a good idea to wear mittens over thinner gloves, which you can remove where necessary.

Choose your perfect pair of gloves here ››


5) Thermal boots keep your feet warm in any weather

And finally, it’s time to take a look at our feet. Wet and cold feet are a winter wear nightmare. If you ever had to walk around in wet socks or felt frostbite on your toes, you know how easily cold can spread from your toes throughout your body. Feeling cold increases discomfort and can thus make the whole trip seem unpleasant. This is why thermal boots that can withstand the freezing cold combined with a high-quality pair of merino wool socks are the best you can offer your feet in the winter.

The combination of merino wool socks and thermal boots ensures that your feet remain dry and warm even when the weather is cold enough to freeze your campfire coffee. When your feet are warm, your body retains heat much easier. See here for our tips on choosing a pair of thermal boots.

See our range of thermal boots here ››

Also browse our wide selection of socks ››


In summary: What to wear in the winter in a nutshell

  • Start to assemble your winter wear by choosing a hat that prevents heat from dissipating through the top of your head based on the conditions, the activity, and your preferences.
  • Protect your torso against the cold with a thermal base layer set, on top of which you can add one or more layers including a hoodie and a winter jacket. Keep in mind that layering is the secret of well-functioning winter wear.
  • Pull on a pair of windproof and waterproof winter trousers that protect you against varying conditions.
  • Protect your hands against cold winds with gloves that are appropriate for the conditions and your intended use.
  • Complete your winter outfit with a combination of merino wool socks and thermal boots that will keep your feet warm in the most challenging conditions.

If you follow these winter wear tips, we guarantee that you will feel comfortable in even freezing cold conditions. Remember that no matter how cold it gets, enjoying the outdoors in the winter is a question of proper attire.

Remember that enjoying the winter is about proper attire.

Wishing you warm and enjoyable winter outings,

Happy Angler experts

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