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Summer Perch Fishing with Hard Baits - Fun and Effective!

What lure to use for perch fishing in the summer? The warm waters of summer make perch actively change their locations, and feeding peaks can be short-lived. It's worth searching for these striped-shirted fish in a variety of different types of spots.

Rocky areas, individual stones, broader shallow areas, or drop-offs can attract perch. Rocky bottoms are good options for jig anglers, but occasionally they can result in too many lost jigs.

When encountering such spots or in general, it's a good idea to switch to other types of lures. Traditional spinners, small spoons, and nowadays various types of modern blade baits or vibrating lures are excellent choices for fishing in these areas.

Summer Heat Lures

For summer perch fishing, it's wise to go back to lures that produce flash, movement, and sound. Old traditional spinners, newer Blade Baits, and Spin Tail lures attract the attention of perch from a distance, and at their best, these lures can be found deep in the throats of the fish.

Spinners - Sound and Flash

The spinner lure has been a staple in many tackle boxes from the very beginning. Don't overlook this traditional lure during summer perch fishing. When casting a spinner, it's important to invest in a good swivel at the end of the line to minimize line twist. Some spinner lures are designed in a way that the body prevents spinning, creating a wobble and keeping the lure in the correct position. Explore the range of spinners and get your go-to lures!

Blade Bait - Vibrations in the Water

Blade Bait is a combination of a spoon and a crankbait, modified into a metallic version. The lure is attached from the back, often featuring multiple attachment holes. The choice of attachment hole affects the lure's vibration and swimming action. The closer to the head, the smaller the vibration, and the farther away, the stronger it becomes. Blade Bait lures are excellent for trout fishing, and even pike can't resist them. The body material of Blade Bait-style lures can also be plastic, with internal rattling beads creating sound underwater. Explore Blade Baits and get your own!

Spin Tail - Reel or Jig

During our test trip, the best technique for fishing with Spin Tail lures was jigging. The lure is allowed to sink to the bottom, after which it can be retrieved using the familiar intermittent jerking motion, such as quickly reeling a couple of turns and then letting it sink to the bottom again, repeating this pattern. By repeating and slightly varying this retrieval style, we achieved good results, often finding the key to success by experimenting without preconceptions. Spin Tail lures also work well when retrieved steadily, especially when targeting fish near the surface or in mid-water. Spin Tail lures have also proven to be effective for targeting zander. Larger sizes are also excellent for warm-water fishing for pike. Additionally, this lure type is worth trying for trout and rainbow trout. Explore Spin Tail lures and order your favorites!

Chatterbait - Vibration and Size

The idea behind Chatterbait lures is the 'jaw flap' that creates incredible vibration and movement in the water, making it impossible for predatory fish to ignore. Chatterbaits can also be used with a jigging technique, where the rubber skirt of the lure vibrates attractively as it sinks, enticing fish to strike. They are excellent lures for targeting slightly larger perch, but they also work effectively for pike. Get some Chatterbaits in your tackle box, choose your favorites, and place your order!

We had success with these lures during the summer heat at Lohjanjärvi, and we hope you'll have success on your home waters too!

Tight lines!

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